Find a Reputable Finish Grading Contractor in Hamersville, Batavia or Bethel, OH

Hire us to slope or level your land as needed

Your land has been cleared for construction, but it's not ready to be built on just yet. Before you start building, hire Let's Dig20 Construction to provide finish grading services in Bethel, Batavia or Hamersville, OH. We'll use a Bobcat and mini excavator to level your land.

Don't wait to take the next step in your new construction project - call 513-203-0203 now to make an appointment with our finish grading contractor.

Determine whether your land needs to be graded

Determine whether your land needs to be graded

Finish grading is necessary for a wide range of reasons. Do you need a helping hand:

  • Preparing your land for a new lawn? Hire us to get your ground ready for seed and straw installation.
  • Improving your yard's drainage? Rely on us to slope your land so water flows away from your structures.
  • Leveling the ground for your foundation installation? Trust us to get rid of any dips or valleys that will hinder construction.

No matter which finish grading services you need, we're the right contractor for the task. Discuss your needs with our expert today.