Turn Your Overcrowded Land Into a Clear Construction Site

Let our contractor in Hamersville, Batavia or Bethel, OH handle your land clearing tasks

Need a helping hand clearing a field or overgrown plot of land for your new construction project? If you need site prep services, Let's Dig20 Construction is the right company for the job. For every land clearing task in Bethel and Hamersville, OH, our pro will bring a Bobcat and mini excavator to get the job done right.

Contact our contractor today to get started on your site preparation project.

Find out how our contractor can help you

Find out how our contractor can help you

Whether you need to clear a small section of land or an entire lot, our pro is here to help. You can count on our land clearing contractor to:

  • Open up your land to create a pasture for livestock or a field for farming
  • Prep the property for your residential or commercial foundation installation
  • Get rid of overgrown trees and underbrush that are ruining the view from your living space
Next time you need site preparation services, call 513-203-0203 ASAP.